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Cost vs. Benefit: Is Smart Home Automation a Good Investment?

Gone are the days when home automation was just a concept of the future. Today, smart home automation technology has become a reality and is transforming the way we live. From controlling lights and appliances to managing security systems, smart home automation offers a host of benefits that make it an enticing investment for homeowners. … Read more

14 Helpful Tips For Keeping A Refrigerator In The Garage

Having a second refrigerator in the garage can really help with space. It’s nice to always have frosty cold beverages available out in the garage fridge opening up storage space in your kitchen fridge for other things. Can you use any refrigerator outside in the garage if you have an uninsulated garage without heating or … Read more

How To Stop Lava Rocks Exploding In Fire Pit In 3 Easy Steps

Nothing beats sitting around a fire with friends in the evening. Lava rocks are a popular filler for gas and propane fire pits. Nothing ruins that evening faster than lava rocks exploding in fire pit flying out at everyone. Why do lava rocks explode in the fire? More importantly, how do you stop lava rocks … Read more

Should You Insulate Your Garage Ceiling? 6 Helpful Tips

If you want to heat or air condition your garage you need to think about insulation first. Heating or cooling will not be efficient with a completely uninsulated garage. Insulating the garage walls and garage door is not enough. You also need to insulate the garage ceiling. Heat rises so a lot of heat goes … Read more