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The Best Doorbell Camera Without Subscription Of 2024 Helpful Guide

Updated January 24th, 2024

Best Doorbell Camera Without Subscription

Ring is one of the most popular video doorbells out there. They can operate without a subscription but they have no video storage for free. You can see who’s at your door when the motion sensor goes off if you look at the Ring app quickly enough. You have to pay a subscription to get recordings. What if you want to save the recording and not pay a subscription? You are in luck. There are many good Ring alternatives that need no subscription to record and save doorbell cam videos. Let’s take a look at the best doorbell camera without subscription available today.

Below are our top choices for the best video doorbells that need no monthly subscription. Keep reading below for our top 5 picks including reviews and video doorbell guide.

☆ Top Pick

☆ Editor’s Choice

☆ Best Value

Eufy Security Wifi video doorbell product image
Eufy Security Video Doorbell Kit product image
Amcrest Video Doorbell Pro product image

eufy Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

eufy Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered)

Amcrest Video Doorbell Camera Pro

Hard wired video doorbell with face recognition and 3 second record buffer

Wireless video doorbell that is easy to setup. Video is stored inside on homebase module

Highquality nightvision and video. Storage on SD Card or cloud for security

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The 5 best doorbell camera without subscription

Below are our top 5 picks for the best no subscription doorbell cameras on the market today. We considered features, performance, price, durability, and customer reviews in our recommendations.

1 – eufy Security, Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Top Pick
Eufy Security Wifi video doorbell product image
  • A Crystal-Clear 2K Image – High Definition 2560 x 1920 resolution, combined with our advanced HDR and Distortion Correction, ensures video is recorded in 2x the quality.
  • No Hidden Costs – Designed to protect your home as well as your wallet, eufy Security products are one-time purchases
  • Respond in Real-Time – Speak directly to anyone who approaches your front door via two-way audio.
  • The Alerts Which Matter – With AI technology and our sophisticated algorithm, the camera intelligently detects body shape and face pattern.


The Eufy Wifi Video Doorbell is a great option for those who don’t want to pay a monthly subscription. It has a ton of great features packed into a competitve price and no hidden monthly fee to worry about.

This smart doorbell has a 2kHD resolution with 2560 x 1920 pixels in a 4:3 aspect ratio. This gives very clear video as well as face image captures in both day light and nightvision. is smooth and clear. The 4:3 aspect ratio is a little more useful then a 16:9 ratio that some cameras use. It allows two way audio with anyone at your front door.

The video buffer maintains a 3 second recording. This means when motion is detected it keeps the prior 3 seconds and records from there. This almost always lets you see someone approaching your door. You get a record of their face and for facial recognition and not only someone turned and walking away.

Setup is really quick and easy. Most people can get it done in under 10 minutes. It only requires drilling 2 holes for the mount. You have to connect power wires from your hardwired doorbell. If you don’t have an existing doorbell you can buy a small 24 volt power supply and run wires to it the best you can. There is a small door chime that can plug into any outlet included. You use a QR code on the package and a phone app to complete setup. You must have 2.4ghz wifi for the Eufy to work. It is not compatible with 5 ghz systems.

The doorbell has 4 gigs of internal memory which is enough for about 7 days of video recording. The downside to storage on the doorbell itself is that someone can steal the doorbell and you lose it. For people wanting more storage there is a subscription option to store video on the cloud. You lose the advantage of no monthly subscription. You lose the privacy of not having videos stored on the cloud.

One area that the Eufy doorbell falls a little short is on home integrations. It can connect to some other devices such as Google Home. The connection is slow. It can take 5 seconds before video starts displaying. By that point what you were trying to see may already be gone.

The Eufy video doorbell is great for anyone who has existing wiring and doesn’t want to pay a monthly fee. It has video quality that beats most other video doorbells as a bonus. This makes it our top pick for best no subscription video doorbell.


  • Water resistance – IP65
  • Operating Temperature – -4 to 122F
  • Power – wired 16-24volt
  • Video Resolution – 2KHD 2560 x 1920 pixels (4:3 aspect ratio)
  • Features – Motion detection with human recognition, face recognition, and capture


eufy video doorbell rating

What we liked

  • Face recognition will show a capture of the persons face when alerting you the doorbell has been rung
  • 3 second record buffer so you almost always capture someone approaching your door in recording
  • 2K video shows high resolution video and captures allowing you to easily recognize people and faces

What we didn’t like

  • You need 2.4ghz wifi. It doesn’t support 5ghz
  • Very few integration options with smart home devices and slow activation speeds

2 – eufy Security, Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered) Kit

Editor’s Choice
Eufy Security Video Doorbell Kit product image
  • 2.5x the Clarity – See every detail of the activity in picture-perfect 2K resolution
  • No Hidden Costs – Designed to protect your home as well as your wallet, eufy Security products are one-time purchases
  • Dual Power Options – Half a year coverage from one charge or experience a non-stop power supply via a wired connection.
  • Expanded Field of View – The increased 4:3 Aspect Ratio ensures you get a full-body view of anyone who approaches.
  • Efficient Human Detection – The built-in AI analyzes each event and determines whether or not a human is present.


The Eufy Battery Powered Video Doorbell is a great option for those who can’t wire into an existing doorbell. It can be setup using a battery or wired into an existing doorbell circuit. The battery will last 4 to 6 months depending on how active your doorway is and how much recording occurs.

This video doorbell has a 2kHD resolution with 2560 x 1920 pixels in a 4:3 aspect ratio. This gives very clear video as well as face image captures in both day light and nightvision. The video is a bit choppy but acceptable. The 4:3 aspect ratio is a little more useful then a 16:9 ratio that some cameras use.

Setup is really quick and easy. Most people can get it done in under 10 minutes. It only requires drilling 2 holes for the mount. You have to plug in the home base inside and connect it to your router. Complete setup using the app.

The doorbell itself requires 5 to 6 hours of charge time. You have to remove it with the security key pin and bring it in to do that. Some other battery powerd doorbells let you use a second battery while you charge the first one. The Eufy battery is built in and not user servicable or removable. You will need to recharge over night (no video while you are doing it) or maybe a weekend afternoon.

The home base can store up to 16 gigs of data which is quite a bit. An advantage of storing data on the home base inside is that you don’t lose the data if someone steals the doorbell. You can link it to other Eufy cameras which will use it up a bit faster. For people wanting more storage there is a subscription option to store video on the cloud. The homebase also acts as a doorbell chime.

One area that the Eufy falls a little short is on home integrations. It can connect to some other devices such as Google home. The connection is slow. It can take 5 seconds before video starts displaying. By that point what you were trying to see may already be gone.

The Eufy Battery powered video doorbell is great for anyone who can’t wire into an existing doorbell. For people who are paranoid about losing data if the doorbell gets stolen it’s great too. We hope in the future that integrations improve a little. Other than that we don’t have too many complaints.


  • Water resistance – IP65
  • Operating Temperature – -4F to 122F
  • Power – Battery (5 to 6 months life) or wired
  • Video Resolution – 2KHD 2560 x 1920 pixels (4:3 aspect ratio)
  • Features – Motion detection with human recognition, face recognition and capture, storage inside on home base module


eufy battery video doorbell rating

What we liked

  • Very easy to install and setup
  • High resolution image and captures
  • Video is stored inside on the homebase instead of the door bell itself

What we didn’t like

  • Very few integration options with smart home devices and slow activation speeds
  • Slow response times for talk features

3 – Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera Pro

Best Value
Amcrest Video Doorbell Pro product image
  • The Amcrest Video Doorbell Camera requires wired power and may utilize your existing doorbell wiring (16V-24V).
  • Doorbell is compatible with existing traditional mechanical and electronic digital chimes to provide surveillance of all front door activity in high definition 1920x1080p resolution.
  • Built in microphone and speaker allows for two-way audio and makes it easier to talk to visitors without having to get up and answer the door.
  • This home security camera features an extra-wide 140° viewing angle allowing you to cover every angle.
  • Our WiFi Doorbell Camera works with 2.4GHz only, and does not support 5Ghz Networks.


The Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Pro is a great value smart doorbell camera. It can store videos on a Micro SD card for free or can use Amcrest cloud storage for a small fee. It has live video and a smart speaker giving you two way audio.

Amcrest makes a variety of home security cameras and have a nice app which can integrate them all. You can use the same app for viewing your doorbell camera as your other cameras around your home. This gives you a great home security system. The smart video doorbell can use a MicroSD card for video storage without a subscription. It does not include one so it’s an added cost to avoid the subscription. Amcrest has US based customer service and warranty.

Video quality is excellent both night and day. The only complaint is with the 1080P 16:9 aspect ratio. It gives you a wide angle view but a narrow vertical view. Unless you mount the camera low to the ground, you won’t be able to see packages on the ground. This is one areaa where the Eufy 4:3 aspect ratio cameras really shine.

This is a little more difficult to setup. It does not include a doorbell chime. You must wire it to your existing chime. Depending on how that is setup, this can be difficult or easy to setup. After that the app is used to control the camera and doorbell.

The doorbell has good motion detection. It can detect 10 to 15 feet from the doorbell. You can customize the distance and the field of view for motion detection. It does an execellent job of capturing almost all people going by your door.

This is one of the best values out there in no subscription video doorbells. If your looking for a good bargain that performs well this is it.


  • Water resistance – IP55
  • Operating Temperature – -22°F ~ 122°F
  • Power – 16-24volt wired
  • Video Resolution – 1920x1080p HD video
  • Features – Motion detection with customizable settings and sensitivity, night and day vision. Optional cloud storage.


amcrest video doorbell rating

What we liked

  • Good app with lots of customization
  • High quality video and night vision at a very low cost
  • Ability to store on Micro SD card or Amcrest Cloud

What we didn’t like

  • Micro SD card for storage not included
  • Installation can be challenging

4 – XTU Wireless Doorbell Camera with Chime

Best Value Wireless Video Doorbell
XTU Wireless Doorbell Camera with Chime product image
  • 100% Wireless & Rechargeable Battery – The installation and connection of video doorbell camera are 100% wireless. Doorbell camera built-in 6700mAh 18650 rechargeable batteries and connects with 2.4GHz WiFi
  • Easy Installation – You can quickly install video doorbell camera within 5 minutes without having to use any complicated tools.
  • Motion Detection – Wireless video doorbell camera built-in PIR Sensor that allows you to receive alarm and push notifications in real-time upon any triggered human detection.
  • 1080P Full HD & Night Vision – 2021 Upgraded home security doorbell with camera can clearly monitor your house during the day and night.


The XTU Wireless Doorbell Camera With Chime is a good low budget option for a video doorbell. It requires no subscription so there is no extra costs outside the low cost to buy. This camera is available under several other brand names including Uokier and Zumimall. You can shop around to see who has it for the cheaptest price at the moment.

The video camera is 1080P and offers decent day and night vision. It adapts well to changes in lighting condition. It stores videos on a MicroSD card inside the camera. It includes a 32gig card but it will work with up to 128gig cards.

The doorbell can work off of the included batteries or can be wired. They claim 2 to 5 months battery life. Many users report closer to 1-2 months. It will take about 10 hours to recharge when the battery is fully dead. The battery life is the biggest downside to this device.

Setup is straight forward and easy. It comes with a USB powered door chime. Enough hardware is included to mount this to your door frame by screws or adhesive tape.

The motion detector is a little hit or miss. It captures most of the time but it will miss some. On the highest sensitiviy it will detect someone about 5 feet from your door. On lower sensitivities the person will need to be closer.

The XTU smart doorbell is much cheaper than the Eufy wired or battery option. It has a shorter battery life and the motion detection is not as good. It costs about half the price of the Eufy as well. This is a great bargain value for someone who wants to try out a video doorbell without paying the ring video doorbell subscription.


  • Water resistance – IP65
  • Power – 6000mah battery (lasts 2-5 months) or 24volt DC
  • Video Resolution – Video Resolution – 1080P
  • Features – MicroSD card storage (32 gig included), human detection, day and night vision


XTU Wireless video doorbell

What we liked

  • Good functionality for a low price
  • Pretty good image from 1080P camera
  • Easy to install and use the app

What we didn’t like

  • Short battery life
  • Motion detection can be inconsistent

5 – Remo+ RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with HD Video

Best Smart Home Integrated Wifi Doorbell Camera
Remo RemoBell S Wifi Doorbell Camera product image
  • Powered by existing doorbell wiring (16 –24 VAC) and provides 24/7 surveillance of all front door activity
  • No monthly subscription fees; records and stores all motion activity for up to 3 days via FREE cloud storage (paid plans available)
  • Streams all your live videos in high quality HD with 180º wide angle and infrared vision; dewarping option available for live view
  • Allows you to select areas of interest and sends instant alerts on your smart device when motion is detected in your video doorbell’s view
  • Lets you see, hear and talk with visitors from your smartphone or tablet using the Remo+ app (iOS 11 and above, or Android 5 and above)


The Remo+ RemoBell S is another high value, low cost video doorbell option. The RemoBell S includes no cost unlimited cloud storage for 3 days. It can easily integrate with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to work with your smart home setup.

The Remo+ has a 1,536 x 1,536 pixel camera with a 180 degree fisheye lens. It can cover a wide field of view showing most of your porch. The downside to this is the fisheye distortion of the lens that can take some getting used to. Objects near the center of the view won’t be that distorted. If you catch something towards the edge of the field of view it will have a lot of distortion. Day vision is pretty clear. Night vision is okay but not as clear as other similar cost video doorbells.

Setup is fairly straight forward and about the same as other video doorbells that are wired. The most difficult part will be setting it up to work with your door chime depending on how it is wired. There are several good videos online showing how to do it for a variety of door chime types.

The app is simple and straight forward. The motion detection is a bit too sensitive. On high sensitivity it will capture almost every car going down the street or branch waving. This is one area the app could use a lot of improvement. Motion sensitivity is set by selecting blocks in the field of view. Selecting anything beyond the closest blocks seems to be too sensitive. The Amrcest doorbell for a similar price has excellent motion detection.

Videos recordings are stored on the cloud for up to 3 days for free. You have the option of paying for a longer storage period. The monthly fees are more expensive than Ring. If your going to pay a subscription there are much better deals out there. Storage on the cloud has the advantage that you don’t lose it if someone steals the doorbell. It has the disadvantage that you aren’t recording if your wifi goes down.

If you like cloud storage and smart home integrations this could be the best video doorbell for you. It doesn’t have the greatest motion detection but is one of the few available with free cloud storage.


  • Water resistance – Water resistant but not rated
  • Operating Temperature –  -4ºF ~ 122ºF
  • Power – 16-24volt
  • Video Resolution – 1,536-by-1,536 with 180degree fisheye lens
  • Features – Smart home integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT, motion detection, day and night vision


Remo+ Remobell Rating

What we liked

  • Free unlimited 3 day cloud storage with no fee
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart home integration
  • 180 degree lens that can see most of the ground in front of your door

What we didn’t like

  • Motion detection sensitivity is too sensitive and difficult to adjust
  • Difficult installation

video camera in use warning

Video doorbell without subscription guide

Are there any video doorbells that don’t require a subscription?

Almost every video doorbell sold has at least an option for cloud storage with a monthly fee. For those who don’t want to pay a fee there are several good options. A Ring Doorbell will work without paying a monthly fee but you can only see the video live on the Ring app. To save Ring video doorbell or Nest recordings you’ve got to pony up for the Ring Protect Plan or Nest Aware Subscription. Without it, nothing is saved. This defeats one of the biggest reasons for getting a video doorbell.

Why bother paying for a Ring device if you can’t see who was there when you couldn’t immediately check your app. To be a truly subscription free video doorbell it needs to be able to record and store without a fee.

What should you look for in a smart video doorbell now that you decided to buy one. Camera resolution, storage, power supply and price are all important factors. Let’s talk about what you should consider when shopping.

Power source

How will you power your smart video doorbell? Do you have power from an existing doorbell that you can tap into? Do you need battery power? Even if you don’t have existing doorbell wiring sometimes you can sneak a power wire through the wall.

Most regular doorbells run on a 16-24 volt power source. They have a wired doorbell you can tap into for power. Most wired video doorbells are set to run on this. Small 24 volt power supplies are easy to get at Amazon or Walmart. The downside to a wired connection is you lose camera recording if the power goes out. A battery powered wireless doorbell camera with onboard storage will keep going and recording.

Battery powered wireless video doorbells use a rechargeable battery. The batteries may or may not be user serviceable and replaceable. You will need to bring your battery inside to charge it when it gets low. Battery life can be anywhere from 1 month to 6 months on a 5 to 10 hour charge. If you run battery power you will lose your doorbell while it’s inside charging.

Wifi Compatibility

Video Doorbells almost entirely run off of 2.4ghz wifi and have no support for 5ghz networks. If you run a 5ghz router you will have to get a 2.4ghz router to run your doorbell off of. 5ghz signals have a shorter range and don’t pass through walls as easily as 2.4ghz. Performance is better with 2.4ghz wifi.

Camera Resolution and Aspect Ratio

Camera resolution can vary from 720p up to 2kHD. Most low cost video cameras at least have 1080P cameras. The higher the resolution gets the easier it is to see faces and other details in the recording.

1080P cameras have an aspect ratio of 16:9 which works great for watching movies. It leaves you with a camera angle that can’t see the ground by your door. You probably won’t be able to see packages sitting on the ground. 16:9 is near the worst aspect ratio for a camera doorbell.

Cameras like the eufy use a 4:3 aspect ratio which does a much better job of capturing the ground near your camera. The Remo+ uses a 180 degree fisheye lens that captures the ground well but gives a lot of distortion. These are worth considering if you are concerned with package theft.

Motion Sensing

Motion sensing is not created equal in all video doorbells. For the video to start saving you need to trigger an event by motion sensing. If the motion sensing isn’t sensitive enough or too sensitive it can make the recording useless.

If sensitivity is low it won’t start recording until someone is right at your door. You may get a recording of their back walking away and never see their face. Not too useful. If motion sensing is too sensitive it can cause problems too. It will get triggered every time a car goes by, a cat walks across the yard, or branches wave in the wind. You will get notifications constantly all day and night which isn’t useful either.

Better cameras such as the Eufy have human recognition programs. These can tell the difference between a cat walking by or a person. It will trigger on the person but not the cat. This is really useful for getting only notifications that are useful.

Motion sensing can be adjusted in various ways on the apps that come with your camera. Some have assignable blocks or zones. Some have angle adjustments. They have sensitivity adjustments also to set activation distance from your door.

On some cameras the motion sensing will save video from a few seconds before it is triggered. The Eufy wired camera works this by but their wireless does not. This is a feature every doorbell camera should incorporate. It makes sure you see someone walking up to your front door and not just their back walking away.

Data storage – Cloud vs onboard

Recordings are stored in 2 ways. Either on the doorbell device itself or sent to a cloud service for storage. There are advantages and disadvantages of both.

If the recording data is stored on the doorbell, you lose it if it gets stolen. If someone breaks into your home and notices your video doorbell all they need to do is grab it on their way out. You don’t need to pay a subscription for cloud service storage. You don’t depend on your wifi connection to store your video.

If the recording data is stored in the cloud, it is safe even if the doorbell is stolen. The data is on the cloud. Depending on how you view privacy you may or may not be okay with that. Cloud storage depends on a functioning wifi network to send the video data or you lose it. Most cloud storage is not free but there are some exceptions such as the Remo+ doorbell.

The eufy wireless doorbell stores data on a small home base module inside of your home. It runs on its own signal separate from wifi. You don’t lose the recording if wifi breaks or someone steals the doorbell.

Doorbell chimes

Wired doorbells make use of your existing doorbell chime so you don’t have to worry about adding one. They can be more or less challenging to wire depending on the type of chime.

Most wireless options include a doorbell chime that runs off wifi. There can be some delay from when the doorbell is pushed until the chime rings due to the wifi connection.

Integration with other smart home services

Smart home integration can be an important feature for your video doorbell. If it supports Amazon Alexa you can use your Alexa speakers and displays as doorbell chimes. You can also display the video on any smart home device. You can use the doorbell alert as a trigger for other devices such as turning on lights or locking doors.


A video doorbell can run anywhere from $70 to several hundred dollars. There can be hidden costs such as monthly subscriptions for cloud storage or buying SD cards. You can get a solid performing video doorbell for under $100. You can get much better video quality and motion sensing for $150.

Optional Subscription services

Most no subscription video doorbells offer a subscription based cloud storage option. This can work as a backup in case your doorbell gets stolen or you need more storage space. It is putting your home video data up on the cloud and the privacy implications that go with it.

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